Nina M. Francisco

Nina M. Francisco is a children’s book writer from Angola based in the Bay Area. Sidivana and the Two Birds is her first self published book.


Julia Sarapata de Carvalho

Julia Sarapata de Carvalho is a children’s book Illustrator, a wife, and a little boy’s mom. With her works, she wants to take you and your little ones on a wonderful journey through different worlds and tell stories and wonders filled with mysteries and magic. Working with passion and a mission for creating colorful and detailed illustrations, she lives with her loving family in Warsaw, Poland. She uses Procreate on Ipad Pro for digital illustrations and traditional ones, watercolors, colored pencils, oil pastels, or gouache. Her debut titles include Kitchi: The Spirit Fox, written by Alana Robson and Sidivana, and the Two Birds, written by Nina M. Francisco.  She has upcoming publications in 2021 with major Polish publishing houses and other amazing authors from around the world.

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